Upgrade Your Office Space to Improve Productivity

Have you been thinking about how to improve efficiency at your business, but are unsure of the best way to do so? There are numerous ways to enhance office space, but not all are the most effective or fiscally feasible. Before you rush out and obtain quick business funding for an investment that you will see little or no return on, do a little research on what will actually enhance your office space and the overall productivity of your employees. Here are some easy areas to improve your office space and make your company a better, more productive place to work.

Set the Mood with the Right Color

Without ever being aware of it, our emotions are affected by the colors in our environment. Here are some common moods that different colors promote:

• Clear thinking is promoted with blues
• Yellow raises spirits and increases creativity levels
• Red, the color of passion, elevates pulse and blood pressure
• Green calms and relaxes

If you do not have direct influence on the color of your office, try to accent with colors to create the workspace environment you desire.

Shed Some Light on the Situation

Natural light has a few unparalleled effects on our psyche. It is said to increase our energy, creativity, and productivity levels. Not only that, but it also keeps us focused for 15% longer than areas that are not naturally lit. In keeping with work/home balance, the more natural light we get during the day, the better we will sleep at night. Try to expose yourself to sunlight when possible throughout the day.

Climate Control

“Climate control” does not mean to turn the temperature down. In fact, when the thermostat is set between 68-77º, output goes up and mistakes go down. No matter the season, keeping the temperature in this range can have a positive effect on production. Additionally, encourage your staff to take some personal responsibility for this one; promote dressing in layers so they can alter their clothing according to their preferred temperature level.

Bring Nature Indoors

As we mentioned, green is a soothing color. Bringing more natural elements into the office space can have other positive effects on your employees. Plants can increase productivity, boost concentration, and increase the wellbeing on your staff. Try adding subtle touches of nature around the workplace.

Ergonomic for Efficiency

Many people do not put a lot of stock in a physically friendly work environment; they think any desk or chair will work. An ergonomic work area can not only reduce physical problems, but can also have a positive impact on your mental state. Arranging the office in ways that are more comfortable and natural to our movement – and allowing staff to move freely – will have everyone working more effectively.

Smell is a Powerful Sense

The presence of pleasant aromas in our workplace can be undervalued. Having pleasant scents circulating through the office can decrease mistakes and boost morale. Certain scents have also been known to increase creativity and memory. And as a rule, no one wants to be working in a smelly situation.

Calm the Noise

There is a lot happening in the office, and oftentimes it becomes difficult – if not impossible – to find some quiet. Many layouts have multiple people to share the same space, and noise is inevitable. A designated area that is meant to be quiet and calm can boost performance and help workers focus on the task at hand when they are finished with their mental break.

Not all of these require massive amounts of capital to accomplish, but some may be pricier than others. Based on the potentially positive outcomes, you might be saying to yourself, “I need a business loan…fast.” Whether you are a small business with bad credit that needs a loan or just looking for unsecured business funding, there are companies that can help you obtain loans to quickly revamp your workspace. Assess what improvements will give your company the best return, then you can determine if you need to get business funding. Though you might not think that acquiring the additional money now would be the best way to use your finances, the obvious benefits could outweigh any complications that arise.